Sunday, August 30, 2009

meta: no time to write what I want! badges! brokeness!

Well, it has been eight days and I am pushing the limit of staying in the competition (or at least not resetting the clock). There are a few things I want to write, but don't have the time to pay attention to right now. Quick list of posts I want to write so I don't forget them:
  • simple parsing
  • shared memory (IPC and persistence)
  • dealing with Unicode combining characters (needs more research)
In other news, the Perl Ironman Badges are up finally, but sadly my name seems to be breaking it. I can find a Chas and an Owens badge, but not a Chas. Owens badge. Also, I am showing up as a paperman in both which is either a bug in its calculation or mine.

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