Sunday, August 16, 2009

project: Anouncing perlopref

In my last post I discussed the need for a perlopref document and even posted a portion of the version I am working on. I got some positive feedback and no negative feedback, so I have created a GitHub repository and uploaded what I currently have to it. There has already been one fork that fixed some of my POD stupidity.

If you want to help, just fork my repository, file an issue against my repository claiming an operator, make your change, and then submit a pull request. Note: not all of the operators are currently listed in the file (e.g. the filetest operators and the quote-like operators are not yet listed).

There is no guarantee that this document will make it into a release of Perl, but at the very least I will be creating a CPAN distribution for it.


  1. Great work!

    I will parse it and add its contents to Padre's Help Search index (Shortcut: F2). Currently we have Perl's variables, functions and CORE modules.

  2. Cool, it is nice to know that this work will be used by someone.

  3. Done :)

    and the script i started with is here:


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