Saturday, August 22, 2009

Projects in progress as of 2009-08-22

Unicode::Digits (GitHub, CPAN)

A test is failing on Perl 5.8. This is due to the test using a character that is a digit in Perl 5.10, but not in Perl 5.8. I need to fix this problem.

I also want to add a function that will return a regex that can match a given digit or digits (i.e. it should be able to match "42", "𝟜𝟚", or "᠔᠒"), but I am still not certain how the interface should work. For instance, should it only allow single digits (forcing the user to build more complicated regexes?
my $one = digit_one();
Should it take a string and replace the digits and character classes with the expanded character classes?
my $re = digit_regex "This matches 42";
Should it be OO based and let you chose specific sets of digits?
my $ud = Unicode::Digit->new(
"ASCII", #special case, "" looks stupid
my $re = $ud->digit_regex("[1-3]");
I am leaning toward the last one. And I am leaning toward only allowing a small subset of regex-like syntax (basically numbers and character classes containing numbers or ranges only).

autobox::dump (GitHub, CPAN)

I need to finish extending it to handle YAML and Data::Dump::Streamer.

Term::Throbber (not published anywhere)

I saw Term::Spinner and hubris struck me. First I patched Term::Spinner to be able to handle arbitrary sized frames, but then I found my self annoyed by the interface, terminology, and use of vanilla Moose in Term::Spinner, so I have written my own MooseX::Declare based version. I haven't written any tests for it yet. Once the tests are written and passing (and I am satisfied with the interface) I will put it up on GitHub and CPAN.

perlopref (GitHub)

Lots more work needs to be done before this is finished. My goal of adding at least one operator a day failed. I need to recommit myself to getting it done.

warnin's (GitHub)

I think warnin's is going to die an ignoble death. The talk of removing ' as a package separator combined with my own apathy means it is unlikely for anything new to be done with it.

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